Monday, June 5, 2017

Kuch khwaab adhure reh gye h

Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Nhi khabar thi ki jis ghar k  chiraag the hm
Wahan k ab bas mehmaan bn kr reh gye h
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Jis jagah pr budh aur mahavir janame the
Wahan pr ab bs lootere reh gye h
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Jahan hoti thi vishv ki sabse aadhunik padhai
Wahan ab bas khandhar reh gye h
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Jis Patliputra ke sushashan k liye ashoka tha
Wahan ab dushashan failane k liye log reh gye h
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Yahan aaj bhi jaati paati par ladte h log
Pata nhi wo gyaani kahan reh gye h
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Maana ki kuch galti humaari bhi h
Ki achhe netaon ko chunne mein peeche hm bahut reh gye h
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Aur Jis mitti mein bachpan khel k beetaya tha
Uss mitti me mil jaane ko ab bas mere armaan hi reh gye h......
Kuch khwaab adhure se
Pure karne ko reh gye h

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lying dead in my bed....

Lying dead in my bed
I find no strain
and no pain...

In a far distant corner
I can hear my mother's sob
My dad in silence
And rest all mob

Everyone was crying
Everyone had tear
But I can't find the one
Who was so close and dear

To see her
I was excited
But forgot that
It was a love unrequited

Soon I woke up
And found myself dreaming
I procrastinated
And felt no feeling

Realising the fact
That she won't cry for me
I made up my mind
That not for her
But I'll die for me......

Saturday, September 24, 2016

DEMOCRACY or DEMONOCRACY: The Indian Judicial System

To change this 'demonocracy' to "democracy" we all must join hands and demand for such a democracy that is not rotting and rusting
                                   -Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri.

The judiciary in our country If  I may quote in a single word is Pathetic. Democracy with respect to judiciary is only on pen and paper. It's substantial requirements and it's implementations are contradictory to each other. Reality of our country's judiciary system is not democracy but 'demonocracy'. What is this 'demonocracy'?
Let's take a small example to understand this word. Our country is not ruled by Republican political leaders but instead its run by evasive and corrupt political leaders. This is how this 'democracy' is changed to 'demonocracy'.

I am not just juggling the balls in air. The real examples prove this. We can see almost about 40% of our parliamentarians are having a criminal record and among them about 10-20% have a very serious charge imposed on them including dacoity, murder and rape. All these are because the judiciary system existing in our country is primarily dysfunctional.

The pace with which we are provided the so called justice i.e it may take 10 to 15 or even more years of duration for a simple case to be resolved , in my own terms I can say it is not justice delayed= justice denied but is justice delayed= justice denied= criminalisation of society. The very best example of this was the execution of Ajmal Kasab, the decision which took about an era to come out.

Having said so I am not inferring that this judiciary cannot be changed from 'demonocracy' to 'democracy'. The recent decisions of the judiciary system over Nirbhaya rape case and many such incidents are worth admiring and are creditable.

This article of mine is a quibble and by this i am not inferring a wrong message about our judiciary but i am helping our society to figure out some notions to help make our judiciary better. The killing of witnesses , the slow  pace of judgement, the trial imposed on superstars and political leaders getting dusted on the judge's desk over the years, need of more trial rooms and courts for the grass root level implementation  ....all these should be taken under consideration so that our country's judiciary is improved by a large.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Engineering : Plan B for many students

It was the 2nd semester of my engineering when i came to know my classmate Shubham and his group usually named as air force group by me as all of them were from air force family. I must admit that Shubham has an exceptional talent in singing. I wondered what was he doing there in engg . Later on i found that he was a bit shy . So i assumed that he might not have told or insisted his parents about his dream .
                    After few days of the semester while we were having our lunch , Gautam , one of his friends was telling that he wanted to become an actor and he is studying engg for the sake of degree. I was taken aback . I just looked myself and thought that I also wanted to become an author but I couldn't because I didn't have that much of courage to say this to my mother . Then I surveyed, on net, google , asked my relatives ,friends and many more. To my surprise I got to know that around 80% of the engg students are studying engg only for the sake of degree or either they are forced to study engg due to various reasons .
                                   One of my teachers told me " Many of the students studying here are not fit for engg or either I could say you that engg is not suitable for them". Around 6 out of 10 students are opting engg after their +2 level . This shows the packed and orthodox thinking of people in India . To my surprise there were no such statistics in USA or London. Well as per my perception the reason could be the broad thinking of the residents their. I was surprised to see that in India most engineers die or commit suicide because they think that they are forced to swim across a pool named engineering.
                               As per my thinking parents and teachers are also faulty for this as they don't see the talent of their wards and encourage them to pursue such goals for which they are meant to be. They should find what is best suited for their child and not what they think is best for their child.
                                    The orthodoxy behavior of our society is becoming a barrier against success of the country. If the parents are thinking that everyone in the family was engg or dr and my child should also do those same stuff then they should think and survey that there are other options as well in which we have a lots of scope and their child could create wonders in those field if they are set free to achieve their goals without any pressure.